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We stepped out of the heat into a historic home, now shop named de Colores Galleria in Albuquerque’s historic Old Town Plaza. Stepping down and up carefully we visited each winding room – all contained artwork by Roberto Gonzales. Saints, colors and joy were captured so uniquely.

We chose a simple wooden cross to fill with Milagros, metal pendants symbolizing prayers for health, relationships, love, etc.  While picking through the silver wishes, the shop owner asked if I have headaches.

I do although it’s not that simple – I was diagnosed with vestibular migraine variance and it can be a dizzy nightmare. I explained and said thankfully I have a care plan that includes chiropractic (my sweet husband is a D.C.) and some medicine.

Anyway she said everything on your heart, everything, it’s all gonna be okay. She was sincere. She didn’t try to sell me anything. She was so full of joy and spirit.

I felt the joy and love she has for everyone that walks into her life. I asked her name – Dora.

That night, I became curious and wanted to learn more about Dora and Roberto. My web search confirmed that they are truly incredible – http://www.americancatholic.org/Messenger/Jul2003/Feature1.asp#top

New Mexico is an enchanted land.