Goosebumps warning! 

Two years ago my husband and I celebrated our love and then five-year marriage with a vow renewal on the rocky coast of Maine. It was a romantic ceremony with personal vows said to one another. Only us, the cold sea and our hired photographers, now close friends, were present. 

You may think five years is too soon for a vow renewal but we had experienced many moments of happiness as well as two heartbreaking miscarriages. Our friendship and love had only grown in those times and we wanted to acknowledge it. It is still one of my favorite days. 

To seal the moment we placed our vows along with letters to our angels in a Rombauer wine bottle. My husband took special effort to protect the paper and used a synthetic cork. 

Wait for it……Just yesterday, my parents 60th wedding anniversary, my husband and I just received the most amazing gift – a woman in Maine messaged me that she and her husband were out lobstering last year and found our message in a bottle. She said our love story really touched them and thanked us for sharing. 

She had held on to the bottle & letters for over a year. We hadn’t included our contact info, but recently her daughter in law used the info to piece together our identity and located me on Pinterest.  How amazing is Love and God to orchestrate her contacting me on the most perfect day?!

Below is her Facebook message to me, the bottle and pics from our vow renewal. Thanks to Ryan & Brandi Moore Photography - –  for our beautiful vow renewal photos!