What is the #1 reason you return to a hotel?  Whether it be for vacation or business, it isn’t the amenities, food or even location that brings you back again and again.  While all of these are important, they don’t mean a thing if you aren’t treated well.  Service simply sweetens the stay every time.

If I return to a hotel time and time again, the service is exceptional.  Every time!  Included in my must revisit top three list are the Inn Above Tide in Sausalito, CA; Hyatt at the Arch in St. Louis, MO; and Restoration on King in Charleston, SC.

At the Inn Above Tide you definitely get what you paid for – an awesome view, breakfast delivered every morning, turn down service, wine and cheese reception nightly – and great service.  But the reason I’ve dug deep into my pocketbook to stay at this hotel FIVE times is the service  The staff truly love what they do.  They WANT to help with any and every need.  And when things don’t go exactly as planned (lets face it, sometimes no matter how hard you or hotel staff tries, things still happen), they make up for it.

When not vacationing, I travel across the Midwest for business. Several times a year I visit southern Illinois, yet I will drive 30 minutes out of my way to stay across the Mississippi River at the Hyatt St. Louis.  Because of my return visits, I’m a member of their A-list. (I just love the sound of this) and they prove it to me every time I stay.  The VIP manager, Keith, calls me prior to my arrival to make sure all my needs are met (I even have his cell phone number in case I need anything), an upgrade is almost always guaranteed and I build up points to use on my personal visits to root on the St. Louis Cardinals.

Down south in Charleston, charm and politeness are almost always guaranteed, but Howard at the Restoration on King takes it to a whole new level.  This hotel provides breakfast every morning, full kitchen suites, wine and cheese hour, cookie time and location.  But Howard provides perfection.  To sum it up, he stopped by our suite with cleaning supplies in suit-wearing hand to double check the maid service.  Since we were in the room, he promised to return later even though we assured him everything was top notch.  Howard truly loves and cares about what he does.

Customer service is #1 at my top three. They obviously know that vacations are a commodity and make sure to provide a return on return investments!